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Hello there! We're Soda Brewery™ and we make 100% naturally brewed, New Zealand made, half-the-sugar sodas.

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Like most kiwis, we grew up loving soft drinks. But, also like most kiwis, over the past few years we’ve become aware of just how sugary these drinks are – and the impact that too much sugar has on our health.

Being big beer fans, we’d learned how the brewing process converts sugar into complex and delicious flavours.

And we had this epiphany – what if you could use the magic of brewing to create a soda that had just as much flavour, with far less sugar?

And guess what? It worked! Our natural brewing process produces much more flavour, which means we can use much less sugar. A whole half as much less*, in fact.


We're soda brewers, using the magic of brewing to fix what we hate about soft drinks.


*Soda Brewery™ sodas contain less than half the average sugar content of leading regular soft drinks.

Our Products

All of our sodas are 100% naturally brewed and made without artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Click on a product to find out more about it.

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Brewing is magic! It allows us to create more flavour than a normal 'mixed up in a factory' soft drink without adding anywhere near as much sugar.

Our brewing process creates sodas with a more complex flavour, greater depth and dimension, and a fuller and richer mouthfeel...

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We use no artificial sweeteners or preservatives and our sodas are made with 100% natural ingredients.



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We're Chris and James, nice to meet you!

We're soda enthusiasts and the co-founders of Soda Brewery™.

We're both from Auckland and we work together at our company Previously Unavailable, which specialises in the creation of innovative new products and businesses.

Chris Paykel has been a product designer, management consultant and innovation specialist. An engineer by trade, Chris has led the development of the Soda Brewery™ product and manufacturing.

James Hurman has been an advertising strategist, author and innovation specialist. A marketer by trade, James has led the development of the Soda Brewery™ brand.

Got a question for us? You can ask us anything, anytime!



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We're super new, so we are slowly building our presence in leading cafes, bars and retailers - including these legends below... 



Café Collective, GridAKL, 101 Pakenham St West, Auckland Central

Dear Jervois, 234 Jervois Rd, Herne Bay, Auckland

Shaky Isles Britomart, 22 Customs St East, Auckland Central

Shaky Isles Newmarket, 27 Kingdon St, Newmarket, Auckland

Shaky Isles Kingsland, 492 New North Rd, Kingsland, Auckland

Shaky Isles LynnMall, 4 Veronica St, New Lynn, Auckland

16 Tun Craft Beer Bar, 10/26 Jellicoe St, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Johnny Barr's, 142 Halsey St, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland

Seven Mart, 141 Hasley St, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland


We're updating this list every day while we're out convincing retailers to do the good thing and stock Soda Brewery™ - We'll also keep you updated via our facebook page here:


If you're in Auckland, you can also buy Soda Brewery™ online and have it delivered to your door: